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A bikie who police feared would recruit dozens of members to the Mongols when he was released from prison could be kept behind bars for three more years. Mohammad Akbar Keshtiar had been due for parole in February but remains in Barwon Prison, where he wields such significant power that police are braced for an increase in bikie crime when he is released.

Keshtiar, known as Afghan Ali, is serving a sentence for the attempted murder of a man and a woman he gunned down while on bail inand for shooting a security guard at a Prahran nightclub. Keshtiar, 45, was recruited to the Mongols while serving a minimum year sentence in prison. He will complete his sentence in August Relatives of Keshtiar are already associating with the Mongols, but none of them are patched members.

Two men linked to bikie gang charged with murder of Melbourne father driving on EastLink

The Mongols have become Melbourne's most powerful bikie gang, and Keshtiar's relatives are associates of several well-known members. The man, a close friend of former Bandido enforcer Toby Mitchell, cannot be named. The Age revealed in February that Keshtiar is the leader of a gang of Muslim prisoners held in maximum security jails, and his associates are linked to up to 70 Middle Eastern gangsters living in Melbourne's north-western suburbs.

As his earliest release date was before July 1 this year, Keshtiar's bid for parole is being considered under the previous parole system, which is considered significantly more lenient. The system was overhauled in response to the killing of Jill Meagher by parolee Adrian Bayley, but applies only to prisoners with an earliest release date after July 1. Under the previous system, Keshtiar is automatically considered for parole, rather than having to apply to the Adult Parole Board.

It is believed authorities are concerned about his recruitment to the Mongols and his criminal associations, and not his behaviour in prison. As with all prospective parolees, he will be subject to a risk assessment regarding the likelihood of him reoffending. Keshtiar was expected to recruit so many Mongols that he could triple the size of the gang, and police believed his impending prison release could result in an explosion of violent crime as the pair flexed their muscle.

Marrogi, 26 was sent to prison in Maywhen he allegedly started debt collecting for jailed drug kingpin Mohammed Oueida, a senior member of the Comanchero bikie gang. Should Keshtiar be made to serve his full sentence, there are concerns he would be released without the sort of monitoring that resulted in Marrogi being caught.

Keshtiar's vast power in the prison system was reflected when a man was sentenced in June for plotting the murder of a relative of Keshtiar in a non-bikie-related incident. The judge who sentenced him said prison would be "more difficult" — as the man would be forced to spend part of his sentence in protective custody — and that he had considered this when balancing his sentence.

Keshtiar became familiar with guns when he was in Afghanistan, which he left with his family as a year-old. He had worked in the security industry before being jailed for the separate shooting incidents, and a charge of possessing steroids.

Two sentencing judges found it difficult to determine why Keshtiar had gone "berserk" in the moments before either shooting, but considered it linked to his consumption of steroids, ecstasy and other drugs.

Keshtiar, a friend said, had never owned and wouldn't know how to ride a motorbike, and could therefore become part of the modern bikie clique who cannot tell a Harley from a Honda. The friend said Keshtiar had significant mental health issues that were exacerbated by years of drug abuse.

Feared Mongol bikie Mohammad Akbar Keshtiar could spend three more years inside. The Age. But the board has not ruled on his case, almost six months after he became eligible.

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He is completely ruthless. License this article. Nino Bucci Twitter Email.The mother chapter had a total of 15 members. Most of the members were military veterans and all loved to ride their Harley Davidson motorcycles.

They agreed to patch over to Mongols MC, providing the Mongols a significant number of chapters within Australia. The vast majority of the Finks members patched over to the Mongols, however a few remained and continued on with the Finks MC name.

As at mid many of the European based chapters are no longer listed on the Mongols worldwide website. This style of abbreviation is very commonplace amongst outlaw motorcycle clubs. The Mongols Motorcycle Club has chapters throughout much of the United States particularly in California where they have dozens of chapters, as well as multiple chapters in countries including Australia, Germany and Thailand.

mongols melbourne

He held the role of Sergeant-At-Arms of the Dago chapter. View our full article on Jesse Ventura. April, Six Mongols members along with six Hells Angels members were convicted and sent to prison. He is sentenced to life in prison for the murder.

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Four members of the ATF had successfully infiltrated the Mongols Motorcycle Club and had become fully patched members. A Hells Angels MC wedding has just finished and the groups see each other. Lancaster City Mayor decides to shut down the motel that the motorcycle club had booked, attempting to block the club from coming to the city.

The Mongols win a long running case against the government, who were attempting to block them from using their club logo of the Mongol riding a motorcycle. The case had been open for approximately 2 years. He was wearing a ballistic vest but was believed to have been shot in the back of the head.

Federal District Judge David O. The Iron Order claim that the shooting was self defence, as they also claimed in the shooting against the Black Pistons, of which the Florida State Attorney General refused to lay charges. The Mongols took a very unusual step for their club after this Iron Order Denver shooting, by holding a press conference to publicly announce that they do not believe this shooting was in self defence and that it was in fact a murder.


As well as being a member of the motorcycle club Derrick Duran is also an employee of the Colorado Department of Corrections. Morrissey not to prosecute Derrick Duran.

Running to the top of the stairs, pointing a gun at the crowd below, and shooting an unarmed man that bravely tries to disarm you cannot be self-defense. Joshua Herbert begins firing at the group of Hells Angels with a revolver, with multiple bullets hitting Hells Angels prospect James Duty, who later died in hospital.

A second Hells Angels member was hit in the helmet, but not injured. On 21 June multiple law enforcement agencies executed search warrants at seven locations where they found several weapons and various Mongols insignia. The Expo organisation are seeking damages as well as court costs.

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The title pretty much says it all.The victim was sitting in his vehicle in Bourke St, Bulleen, when at least 10 shots were fired in an ambush late on Thursday night. Police responding to reports of shots being fired found the victim at the scene about He remained in hospital last night after suffering serious injuries to the head and torso.

Detectives from the Echo taskforce are investigating the attack, which is believed to be targeted. They are examining whether the man was speaking to people shortly before the gunfire erupted. The Mongols recently made a high-profile recruitment when former Bandido strongman Toby Mitchell signed on. It is unclear why the man at Bulleen was shot. But the Mongols were the suspected target of two botched hits by the Comanchero outfit in recent years.

Muhamed Yucel was shot dead in Keysborough and Zabi Ezedyar died at Narre Warren in attacks police later said may have been the handiwork of Comancheros, who did not kill the intended Mongol victims.

On July 10, senior Finks member Sione Hokafonu suffered a wound to the foot in a mystery late-night incident at Narre Warren. Mr Hokafonu took himself to hospital but was later unable to help police with their inquiries.

Source: The West. The shooting was the second related to bikies in Melbourne recently. Related posts:.

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Comanchero Axel Sidaros jailed for 14 years over failed assassination. Canberra bikie numbers halved by deportations and sustained police pressure. Comancheros killing: Cousins sentenced over execution-style shooting.Police are monitoring rising tensions between rival bikie clubs as they probe bad blood with the Finks as a possible motive for a failed hit on a Mongol member.

Rocco Curra remains in hospital after being critically wounded by a hail of bullets as he sat in his car at Bourke St, Bulleenon August 1. Sources say it was a miracle the year-old survived the ambush, in which about 10 shots were fired at close range. A BMW getaway car used by the gunmen was found torched nearby.

On social media, Mr Curra proudly proclaims his Mongols membership. Mr Curra is a friend of high-profile underworld figure Toby Mitchell, who signed on with the Mongols this year.

Mr Hokafonu, of Sydney, had been at the Fountain Gate Hotel in Narre Warren before being shot at an unknown location and making his own way to hospital. It is unclear whether that incident was the result of an internal dispute or caused by conflict with another outlaw motorcycle club OMC. The Finks are said to have been steadily increasing their influence in Victoria.

Their national president, Koshan Radford, has challenged a firearms prohibition order subjecting him and his property to search without warrant. Police earlier this year released footage of gunmen opening fire on the Frankston home of another senior club figure, Brett Reker. The Mongols absorbed many Finks members in when they arrived in the country from the United States. But some Finks refused to cross over and there has been animosity at times.

Make Sure You are Subscribed to our Facebook page! Source: The West Australian. Rocco Curra.

mongols melbourne

Related posts:. Comanchero Axel Sidaros jailed for 14 years over failed assassination. Canberra bikie numbers halved by deportations and sustained police pressure. Boy in hospital over drug swallowing claims while with mum and bikie partner.

Alberta police team says fentanyl, cocaine seizures up dramatically.Updated December 30, Police have released CCTV footage of the close-range shooting of a bikie member in Melbourne's north-east, in the hope of finding the two gunmen responsible.

Mongols’ Port Melbourne headquarters raided by police ahead of convoy to NSW

Police said the shooting victim, Rocco Curra, was sitting in his parked car on Burke Street in Bulleen on August 1 when he was ambushed shortly after pm. Police believe the year-old was attending a pre-arranged meeting but shortly after he arrived, two men pulled up in a stolen BMW in front of Mr Curra's car.

The footage shows the pair getting out of the car while a third person remains in the driver's seat. The pair start shooting at Mr Curra while he remains in his vehicle, before they return to the BMW and flee the scene. Acting Senior Sergeant Mercovich said the car was stolen in March from Hawthorn and police did not know where it had been in the time between and the shooting.

Mr Curra identifies as a member of the Mongols outlaw bikie club and police said he had not been assisting them with their investigation.

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Detectives are still unsure of the motive behind the attack but are investigating whether other organised crime groups were involved. Police have also released an image of a man they believe was involved in the attack, described as Middle Eastern in appearance with short, dark hair and a full beard. We want to identify those people, we want to recover the fire arms, we want to get these people off the street, so we can make Victoria a safer place. Police are urging anyone who has information about the shooting to come forward or call crime stoppers on Topics: crimelaw-crime-and-justicepolicemelbournebulleen First posted December 30, Contact Jedda Costa.

mongols melbourne

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Learn more. Australia is becoming a bit of a poster child for how to handle the coronavirus pandemic. But that can change quickly. By technology reporter Ariel Bogle. Fringe ideas about 5G are baked in the internet's darker corners, but as the world has gone into lockdown, they have found their way into the mainstream and risk endangering public health. By North America correspondent James Glenday. As the COVID death toll soars, a drone captures plain coffins being carefully stacked and buried in large trenches on New York's Hart Island by contractors clad in protective gear.

Former Mongol bikie enforcer ran Gold Coast drug empire from Melbourne

When a relationship comes to an end, you typically go your separate ways and have space to heal. But what if social distancing took that space away?

By Jedda Costa.

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ABC News. Key points: Rocco Curra was shot multiple times by two men on Burke Road in Bulleen Police said it was "extremely lucky" that Mr Curra survived the shooting He is a member of the Mongols outlaw bikie club and is not cooperating with police. Supplied: Victoria Police.

Photo: Police released an image of a man they believe was involved in the attack. Top Stories 'The cruise has ruined us': Ruby Princess passenger wants answers over wife's death Live: Morrison rules out Federal Government, public service pay cuts Forget flattening, could Australia squash the curve? Today the technology that could have saved him remains unavailable. Connect with ABC News. Got a news tip?

Editorial Policies Read about our editorial guiding principles and the standards ABC journalists and content makers follow. Australia is doing well. But what will happen next?Josh Rider was arrested this morning and charged with the murder of Paul Virgona.

mongols melbourne

Picture: Facebook Source:Supplied. Josh Rider. Picture: Facebook Source:Facebook. Aaron Ong.

Feared Mongol bikie Mohammad Akbar Keshtiar could spend three more years inside

Josh Rider, a year-old Port Melbourne man, and year-old Aaron Ong from Kilsyth were this morning charged by Victoria Police with his murder following dawn raids on 12 properties across the city. Mr Rider is Mr Ong is One of the two men. Picture: Nine News Source:Channel 9. A year-old man from Montrose was today interviewed by detectives from the anti-bikie Echo Taskforce in relation to drug and firearm matters but released pending further inquiries.

Another year-old man, from Tecoma, was charged with possessing a drug of dependance. No further arrests are expected. Six firearms — a mixture of longarms and handguns — and a boat have also been seized.

The weapons will be examined to determine whether the alleged murder weapon is among them. Shooting victim Paul Virgona. A property in Port Melbourne was among 12 raided the morning.

Several gunshot holes can be seen in the drivers side door as it is taken away on the back of a tow truck. Mongols clubhouses in Ferntree Gully and Port Melbourne were raided as well as a South Melbourne tattoo parlour co-owned by former Richmond Football Club player Jake King, who was seen speaking to police. Victoria Police at City of Ink tattoo parlour. Former Tiger and part owner, Jake King, sitting inside.

The duo are thought to have switched to a getaway car, a Volkswagen Amarok utility, before dumping it and running into a park. Police previously released images of a distinctive Nike top, believed to have been dropped by one of the suspects.

Police believe this top was discarded. The abandoned ute. Mr Virgona, a father and husband from Croydon, was shot dead in November last year. Log in No account? Sign up Log out news. Video Image Bikies charged with murder of Paul Virgona. Two members of the Mongol bikie gang have been charged with the murder of Paul Virgona. Share on Facebook.Criminologist Terry Goldsworthy said internet-based communication applications were harder for police to track.

Law enforcement agencies have also had trouble with alleged criminals using deeply encrypted mobile phones to avoid police detection. There is no suggestion the company knowingly sells to alleged criminals or markets directly to them. The claims against Mongols members are among other allegations of bribery and intimidation ordered by Forbes.

He only faces charges of drug possession and trafficking. Police from bikie-busting Taskforce Maxima allege former patched member Clint Harris was bribed for not snitching on the gang to police. It is claimed Harris was kicked out of the group in May after he was involved in a botched drug deal. The documents reveal that police have evidence that after being kicked out, Harris sent pictures to patched member Brenton Atkinson proving he was getting a Mongols tattoo removed from his forehead.

She said that when the culprits first knocked, Forbes called out, telling them children were home and he would open the door. Personalise your weather. Sorry we couldn't find a match for that, please try again. Change my location. My Account Logout. QLD News. Sign me up Signed Up View more Newsletters. X No thanks, continue reading article.

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